Canal and River Trust Oppose the Demolition of The Flapper

The Canal and River Trust’s Position

An article published on canal boaters’ website “The Floater” this morning finally gives clarity on the Canal and River Trust’s position with respect to the proposed demolition and redevelopment of The Flapper.  As the body responsible for the the care and maintenance of Britain’s waterways, the Canal and River Trust are one of the consultees in the planning process.  The fact that they have come out against the proposals is a promising development and one we must hope leads to the rejection of the planning application.  Some of the reasons cited by Ailith Rutt of the Canal and River Trust suggest that some other consultees (for example, Historic England) may also come out against the planning application.  The main objections the the Canal and River Trust make are that the development is unsympathetic the the historic nature of the site, loss of amenity to the existing residential moorings, and the development would close the space around the basin.

Get your objections in!

A note of caution is sounded at the end though: The Canal And River Trust are not against any redevelopment of the site.  They do state that a smaller scale development with a better link to the canal basin would be acceptable to them. This means it is still important that you get your objections in here before it’s too late.  The more voices we have the better.  Although this is promising news, it isn’t enough on its own

Finally. it must be hoped that any development that would be acceptable to the Canal and River Trust will not be cost-effective or sufficiently profitable to the developers.

The full article on “The Floater” can be found here.

Contact details for the Canal and River Trust is here

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