The Campaign

What’s happening?

The current owners of The Flapper want to knock it down and replace it with flats.  These flats will not benefit the local community and will cause the lost of a historic music venue and popular community pub.

Why does it matter?

Birmingham does not exactly have a shortage of expensive flats.  It does, however, have a shortage of small music venues – especially in the city centre.  It has been claimed that people only consume music through digital downloads nowadays.  This is rubbish.  Many bands only make any money today from touring, and new bands have to start somewhere – they are not born fully formed and performing in arenas.  They start in small venues.  If we care about music, we need to care about venues like The Flapper.

As well as the music, The Flapper is a pub frequented by many local people.  People who would not, for the most part, be comfortable drinking and socialising in fashionable city centre bars.  Given other pubs in the area are often closed or in the process of changing hands, The Flapper offers a level of consistency not available anywhere else.

What can we do?

Fight!  First of all, sign the petition:

Save the Flapper

Next, contact the local MP:
Shabana Mahmood

And finally the local ward councillors:
Kath Hartley
Albert Bore

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