Planning Committee Meeting

The day is now drawing near: the planning committee of Birmingham City Council are meeting to discuss the plans.  Whilst the Planning Officer has recommended approval, this is subject to a decision of the planning committee.  That committee is made up of elected representatives of the people of Birmingham, and they need to act in the interests of Birmingham as a whole, not just a few rich developers.  The members of the committee can be found here.  Whilst it is too late to formally object to the application, it is never too late to remind them that rely on the votes of the public of Birmingham in order to hold office.  The legitimacy of any decision they make is based on the confidence of their constituents.  We can remind them that over 12,000 people have signed a petition against the plans.  That The Flapper is a cultural icon in Birmingham.  That the “alternative venues” mentioned in the Planning Officer’s report are also under threat from developers.  We demand that they protect our culture.  We demand that that they protect The Flapper.

Meeting details are here

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