What now?

This Saturday marked the last day of trading for the Flapper.  The turnout to say farewell was nothing short of phenomenal.  Despite that, this was a very sad occasion.  This is what we have been campaigning against for years, and something that really need never have happened given the planning application was rejected.  The owner of the building was, it seems, unwilling to renew the lease that the pub had.

If they think this will make a future planning application easier, then we have news for them: we will keep on fighting to preserve the building.

What next?

While the building is still there, there is still hope.  Right now, it is generating no income for its owner and indeed will be costing them money.  One hope is that the building will be sold on to somebody who intends to re-open the Flapper.  In any case, it is imperative to do all we can to protect the building.  A new petition has been started to get the place locally listed.

Sign the petition here


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